About Explore Peninsula

Experience all we have to offer while losing yourself in our small village and surrounding countryside. Peninsula, a small town with a river running through it… a little piece of green nestled quietly between Akron and Cleveland. In Peninsula, we make it easy to enjoy the simpler things in life; a walk through the woods, music on the porches on a sunny fall day, a piece of apple pie at a Farmers' Market.The tiny village on the Buckeye Trail tucked into the hills where the Cuyahoga River bends sharply to form a peninsula, retains much of its nineteenth century charm with its historic architecture, interesting shops full of art and collectibles, and a bike trail where donkeys once pulled canal boats alongside a crooked river.Take a stroll down historic Main Street, take a ride on a train or just sit and watch the world go by. Whatever you do, you'll be glad you came.Stop in for a visit and stay for a memory.Create your special memory by spending a relaxing or reinvigorating day in charming Peninsula and the surrounding Cuyahoga Valley: -Bike the Towpath Trail-Visit one of our local farms-Take a drawing workshop at the Peninsula Art Academy and practice your skills along the river bank.-Visit the historical sites, library, and take a walking tour of the village.

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