About Geneva State Park

Located on Ohio’s northeastern shoreline, 698-acre Geneva State Park reflects the character and charisma of Lake Erie. The shimmering expanse of the lake lures vacationers who enjoy fishing and boating. Swimmers rejoice in the beautiful sand beach while nature enthusiasts retreat to the park’s freshwater marshes and estuaries associated with the lake. Overnight accommodations include a lodge, deluxe ceder cabins and family campground. Geneva State Park overlooks Lake Erie, but at various times through geologic history, the site of the park has been at times underwater and at other times, miles from water.Geneva offers the visitor a natural beach, several areas of freshwater marsh and beautiful mature woodlots. The middle and western beach areas contain plants that are rare in Ohio but characteristic of the Atlantic coast. Sea rocket, seaside spurge, beach pea and silverweed can be found on the Geneva beaches. Marshes located at the mouth of Cowles Creek, No Name Creek and Wheeler Creek contain swamp smartweed, leafy sedge and submerged aquatic vegetation.

Features & Amenities

Boating, camping, cabins, lodge & conference center, biking, archery, zipline

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