About Hawkes Crystal

The Hawkes Crystal collection, hand cut Master Brilliant Crystal Cutter and Designer Aidan J. Scully, is keeping alive the tradition that began in American more than a century ago. A native of Ireland, Scully has chosen Tiffin, Ohio, as the home of the new Hawkes Crystal workshop. Hawkes is a world-renown name in fine cut crystal. The original T.G. Hawkes & Co. was founded in 1880 by Thomas Gibbons Hawkes. Before the decade was over, Hawkes would take Europe by storm as the first American cutting shop to win the coveted Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition in 1889. Scully’s work rivals his predecessor’s in its intricacy. To date, he is only one of three Master Crystal Cutters in the United States currently versed in brilliant cutting. He learned the art during a 7-year apprenticeship under Edward Flavin of WaterfordCrystal fame.Throughout the past three decades, Scully has created pieces for Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, as well as Senator John Glenn and Pope Saint John Paul II.

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