About Hogback Ridge Park

Hogback Ridge Park is part of the Preservation Parks of Delaware County park system. This 41-acre park packs a punch with its beautiful woodland trails, ravine crossing and connection to Alum Creek State Park. The park sits on two ridges separated by a ravine, carved out by glaciation during the last ice age. Towering oaks are scattered among other typical woodland trees: hickory, beech, maple and more. In the spring, Hogback Ridge is a destination for those wanting to see woodland wildflowers, with spring beauties leading the way for hepatica, trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit and mayapples, among many others. Two picnic tables allow for peaceful meals among the trees. Those wanting a challenge that extends beyond the parks 1 mile of trail can enter Alum Creek State park from Hogback Ridge, and follow 39 miles of bridle/ hiking trail. Sections of the Alum Creek trail are relatively rugged and travel up and down through the ravine and ridge system that surrounds Alum Creek Reservoir. Hogback Ridge Park is also the site of the Preservation Parks District Office.

Features & Amenities

Hiking trails, picnic area, (small) reservable meeting room, indoor bird-viewing room

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