About John Glenn Astronomy Park

The John Glenn Astronomy Park is dedicated to sparking an interest in science, learning, and exploration by sharing with visitors the wonders of the sky, both day and night. Throughout most of history, humans have been inspired by the wondrous sight of a night sky filled with stars. Our stories and mythologies have been mapped upon the patterns of the stars. Our calendars, festivals, and agriculture have been linked to the movement of the heavens. In recent times, a view of the night sky has been the inspiration for many young people for a lifelong passion for science in general.The lights of our modern world have put our view of the heavens behind a veil of artificial light. An astronomy park in the Hocking Hills State Park was inspired by our vanishing night sky. The Hocking Hills is one of the few areas left in Ohio where the night sky can be seen in its near pristine state. The observatory provides a venue for visitors to experience the night sky through a large telescope and with their eyes.The observatory draws on the countless generations of humans who marked the important changes of the seasons through the motion of the sun and who built great structures, like Stonehenge in England, the Chaco Canyon Kiva in New Mexico or many Hopewell and Fort Ancient Earthworks in Ohio, that commemorated these days. The plaza has been designed to allow the rays of the sun to fall upon a special central point on the first day of each of the four seasons.

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