About Kindelberger Stone Barn Farm

The Frederick Kindelberger Stone House and Barn is a historic farmstead in rural southeastern Ohio. Located near the village of Clarington in Monroe County, the complex is distinguished by its heavy masonry architecture, and it has been named a historic site. Born in Bavaria in 1835, Frederick Kindelberger emigrated to Monroe County and became one of Switzerland Township's larger landholders, owning a farm that eventually surpassed 200 acres. In this rural area, most construction employed lighter materials; barns, for example, were virtually all frame structures, and the occasional exceptions were log structures. As a stonemason, Kindelberger decided to construct his farmstead in the medium to which he was accustomed: the house and barn are constructed of sandstone with slate roofs, and only occasional elements are fashioned of wood. His house is a one-and-one-half-story building constructed in the shape of the letter "H"; a porch is placed on one end, sheltering a door and window, while two windows overlook the porch roof. On the long sides, a pair of windows is placed at the end of each extension, while the deeply recessed center includes both fenestration and an entrance. At the sides, the roof is steeply pitched, but a line of short windows sits atop each section of the roof, with a nearly flat roofline above the windows. Kindelberger constructed his house and barn in 1873 and 1883 respectively. In 1980, the complex was listed on the National Register.

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