About Lake View Cemetery

With 285 breathtaking acres, Lake View Cemetery is the perfect place to spend the afternoon—or the afterlife. Visit memorials for some of the nation's most famous and influential people—from Garfield to Rockefeller to many of the area's legendary civic leaders. It's just one of the reasons we were named Cleveland's #1 tourist destination.From the start, Lake View's founders planned a showcase of trees and shrubbery that will take your breath away. And with every season brings a new world of beauty.Keep your finger on the pulse of Lake View's events. Whether it's our annual 5k race, one of our many trolley tours, or a live concert—we have a full year of fun ready for you. Tickets are limited, so start planning.As one of Cleveland's finest outdoor museums and arboretums, The Jeptha H. Wade Memorial Chapel is a unique, intimate, and beautiful setting to start your life together.

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