About Marblehead Merchants Group

Marblehead Merchants group is forty two businesses together in the Village of Marblehead , Lakeside Chautauqua and surrounding businesses in the Danbury Township. Our mission is to promote each other and to help in the beautification of Marblehead. We are very active in creating events for locals and tourist to enjoy during the tourist and off season. Some of the events are the summer Community Markets, Blarney Stone Stroll in March, Vine and Canvas in June, Art and Pub Crawl in October, and Village Lights in December. In the beautification of Marblehead the Merchants and two volunteers Master Gardeners with the Village Council were about to put up Flower baskets on Main Street and hope to continue in this mission to further benefit the village.

Features & Amenities

winery, bar, antiques, speciality shops, art galleries, ice cream, lodging, music, restaurants,

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