About Mohican State Park

Located in northeastern Ohio, the 1,110-acre Mohican State Park and the adjacent 4,525-acre state forest offer outstanding opportunities for visitors to explore one of Ohio's most stunning natural regions. Visitors can truly experience wilderness, venturing through the hemlock forest to take in striking views offered by the Clear Fork Gorge and fish-laden Clear Fork River. Hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy a challenge on the acclaimed 25-mile trail and relax in the evening at the luxurious Mohican State Park Lodge or cabins along the meandering river.Mohican State Park's scenic beauty and natural features can be attributed to events that occurred over 14,000 years ago during the ice age in Ohio. The last glaciers to enter Ohio, the Wisconsinan, ended their advance in the Mohican region, leaving behind an array of glacial deposits such as end and ground moraines, linear ridges of soil and rock, and till deposited along the edge of the ice sheet.

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Boating, hiking, waterfalls, lodge, conference center, camping, cabins, horseback riding

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