About Mosquito Lake State Park

Located in north eastern Ohio, Mosquito Lake is one of the largest lakes in Ohio with over 7,000 acres of surface area. The surrounding parkland covers 2,483 acres of mature woodlands and expansive marshes that provide safe haven for wildlife and will delight nature enthusiasts. Before Ohio was settled, the banks of Mosquito Creek were hidden by a vast forest that covered most of the state. Little remains of the ancient forest that stood for nearly 10,000 years. In the Mosquito Lake area, regrowth has occurred and the nice stands of beech-maple woodlands can be enjoyed. In pioneer times, the beech-maple belt was very extensive and stretched from Mansfield to Pennsylvania owing to the favorable climate and winter snow cover of the area.The park’s woodlands support colonies of spring beauties, anemones, Dutchman’s breeches, purple cresses and other spring wildflowers. Goldenrod and asters will bloom in the fall in the park’s open areas. Many wildlife species find the park’s varied habitats suitable. Red fox, woodchuck, muskrat, beaver, fox squirrel, raccoon, rabbit and white-tailed deer are common. Recently, river otters were reintroduced in nearby favorable locations. Several otter families have been sighted.

Features & Amenities

Boating, fishing, hiking, beach, swimming, dog park, archery, camping, yurts, shelterhouse

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