About Ohio's Small Town Museum

A reporter for Channel 10 called the museum, Ohio's Small-Town Museum in a Heart of Ohio program. Several years later, members of the AAHS officially adopted that name."Bob Hines later writes,"Our museum was started to reconnect people to our community and its past. We recognized that in order to have a vital community, people that live there have to have a strong sense of community and one of the ways to do that is to reinforce pride in community. That is what our museum is all about. We are recapturing and honoring past achievements of a rural community. We are preserving artifacts that are the physical manifestations of these achievements. We are using these artifacts and this information to reconnect with residents and even people that no longer live here so they can be active resources in helping our community solve problems. We are using these items to challenge our children to follow their own dreams. We do not want old buildings to just be objects for vandalism. We want kids to know what older buildings represent and why they exist. We want them to honor and respect the past. We want them to be excited by national and world history when they learn about their connections to that history."

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