About Pymatuning State Park

Pymatuning State Park invites outdoor lovers of all ages to enjoy a relaxing lakeside vacation experience.In a setting that highlights the mystery of an old swamp forest and the excitement of a water recreation area, Pymatuning is one of the finest walleye and muskellunge lakes in the country, and offers excellent camping, swimming and boating opportunities.The Pymatuning region was shaped by the action of the glaciers that covered the area more than 14,000 years ago. As the last ice melted away, a rolling terrain dotted with dozens of kettle lakes was revealed. Gradually, a great swamp forest developed, punctuated by bogs and wetlands and supporting stands of towering white pines. The rich wetland habitat was home to a great number of wild animals including bears and wolves. Native Americans were attracted to the area for the abundance of resources. Pymatuning is taken from a Native American term translated as “the crooked-mouthed man's dwelling place.

Features & Amenities

Boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, beach, camping, cabins, hunting

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