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Raven Rocks today is a community of people dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural and social environment where they live and sharing our knowledge and concern with the broader society. We are ten official members plus family and friends that join in our efforts. Seven of the members live on the land here—1,268 acres of rolling land in Southeastern Ohio. Much of the land is wooded and 1,015 acres has recently been placed under a conservation easement with Captina Conservancy, a local group dedicated to preserving one of the most pristine creeks and watersheds in the state of Ohio.All of our present members share Quaker roots that have provided a common understanding from which we have moved forward to expand our efforts to meet contemporary challenges: from social justice to environmental causes, from war and peace to better farming practices. No one cause will provide all the answers and each will be enhanced by a holistic approach to a better world. We welcome any who share our vision to collaborate, whether here or elsewhere.

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