About Shaeffer Campbell Covered Bridge

The bridge stands east of the Ohio University Eastern Campus, I-70 Exit 213, overlooking a pond. It was originally built in 1891 in Fairfield County and rescued from destruction in the late 1960's. It was reconstructed on the present site in 1975. The bridge was constructed in the multiple kingpost truss style. The county contains many examples of that style built by Fairfield native and expert covered bridge builder, James W. Buchanan, the man credited as being the builder of the Shaeffer Campbell Bridge.The bridge was damaged when a farm tractor fell through the floor in 1973, and it was donated to Belmont County in 1975. Belmont County did not have any covered bridges at the time, as its last covered bridge over Captina Creek had collapsed under the weight of a coal truck in 1953. The bridge was dismantled and taken to a county garage in Lloydsville, where it was reassembled and reconditioned. The bridge was placed over the College Pond in 1975 with a dedication by the county engineer, R.J. Boccabella.

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