About Six Hundred Downtown

Here at Six Hundred Downtown we feel that pizza making is an art and we strive to create the best pizza we possibly can. We hand-spin our pizzas the old-fashioned way and bake our pizzas in an old-fashioned brick oven. Each pizza is handcrafted just for you. Yes, your pizza may have a little char on it, a bubble, or a little burnt spot here or there- but that’s the way pizza is supposed to be. We are a completely independent restaurant, locally owned and operated by five-time World Pizza Champion and two-time World Record Holder, Brittany Saxton. So what’s with our name? Six Hundred degrees Fahrenheit is the starting point for baking our pizzas. Temperature is where perfection is baked in. Our classic Italian-style is baked at nearly Six Hundred Degrees, creating a ideally baked pizza.

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