About The Nature Conservancy’s Brown’s Lake Bog Preserve

This 100-acre preserve protects a bog with its floating sphagnum moss mat, a 7-acre kettle hole lake and an outstanding example of a glacially formed hill known as a kame. Brown's Lake Bog is one of the few remaining kettle hole wetlands in Ohio. The bog and surrounding 80 acres of lowland forest were purchased by The Nature Conservancy in 1966 and declared a National Natural Landmark in 1968. Bogs are a very rare type of wetland in Ohio. The naturally acidic properties of sphagnum coupled with the poor drainage of the kettle hole wetland provided the right environment for the creation of the bog and its relict boreal plant communities. All told, more than twenty rare plants are found here.

Features & Amenities

Easy, one-mile-long loop trail with boardwalk

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