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Three Feathers Pewter gallery and workshop is located in the historic district of downtown Millersburg, Ohio across from the courthouse square.Our artisan artwork pewterware, handmade from a lead-free pewter formula dating from the 1790's, is crafted in traditional styles and is functional for special events, daily use, and home décor.With the plain, clean lines of Early American style, our variety of tableware includes: candle holders, goblets, plates, bowls, spoons and salt cellars.Historic reproduction pewter buttons, cast in molds we make from original buttons, range in historical styles such as: Military (Flat Plain, Domed Plain, F&I), Celtic (Square Lions, Diamond Thistles, Knots) and Decorative (Swirls, Hearts, Stars, Flowers).Our tree ornaments are hand-cut from pewter sheet for the seasons of Christmas, Easter and Halloween. We also make a wide selection of jewelry: earrings, pendants, pins and bracelets.With gifts for most any occasion, at Three Feathers Pewter we also carry other items which complement our pewterware, these include:*Hand-Blown Mini Oil Lamps*Hand-dipped Beeswax Candles*Iron Potjie Pots*Goose Quill Pens and Sealing Waxes *Native American Style jewelry*Handmade Smudging Feathers*Nag Champa Incense (sticks and cones)*Dried Perennials & Feathers: Sunflowers, Yarrow, Princess Pine, Peacock and Pheasant.

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Three Feathers Pewter handmade pewter decor, jewelry and more in downtown Millersburg, Ohio.

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