About Tinkers Creek Area of Liberty Park/Summit Metroparks

The 355-acre Tinkers Creek Area is managed by Summit Metroparks as part of Liberty Park. Herons, ducks, geese and beaver can be found in the spring-fed waters, while cattail, buttonbush and swamp white oak line the shores of this beautiful pond.Amenities include a short trail, restrooms, shelter house, and archery range. Fishing and boating are permitted on the pond (carry-in boat access only).The majority of Tinkers Creek Area is maintained in its original state as a swamp and marshland. These wetlands owe their existence to the glaciers that invaded Ohio during the Pleistocene Ice Age. Glacial features include moraines, kames and eskers. Moraines were formed when a glacier remained stationary for a long period of time leaving hills of boulders, sand and gravel. Kames are deposits of sand and gravel that fell through holes in the ice leaving circular hills. Eskers are deposits of sand and gravel that dropped through ice tunnels leaving long serpentine mounds. Many fine examples of these glacial features are found in the region.

Features & Amenities

Boating, fishing, shelter house, archery, hiking

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