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TrekNetwork is a professional guide service with over forty adventure guides, artists and team building experts who lead urban and outbound adventures across Ohio. We offer a huge variety of year-round activities ideal for couples, families, schools and groups of all kinds. We commonly meet at metroparks, state forest, state park and private property and event locations are determined at the time of booking. Options include rock climbing, rappelling, survival skills training, archery, belly boat fishing, edible forest treks, living history, live music and interactive artistic events. Beginners are welcome, no experience is needed and equipment is provided. Each event can be customized and scheduled stand-alone or combined with other events a la carte. All of our treks are private events booked in advance by visiting our website or calling 614.264.1272. Please don’t use the address provided on ohio.org for navigation. The location of each event is determined at the time of booking.

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