About Van Buren State Park

Van Buren State Park is quietly nestled in a small but valued remnant of woodland surrounded by beautiful corn, wheat and soybean fields in northwest Ohio. 296-acre Van Buren offers a calm, peaceful retreat with camping, fishing, hiking and picnicking opportunities that can be enjoyed year round. Van Buren State Park lies in the rich agricultural plains of northwest Ohio. The plains, referred to as till plains, receive their name from the glacial debris, or till, which covers preglacial hills and valleys. These till plains are the result of the deposition and smoothing action of the glaciers. Most hills in these areas are mounds of boulders and soil left by the retreating Wisconsinan glacier. Beneath the almost continuous cover of glacial deposits lies sedimentary bedrock which, in this region, is mostly dolomite with a little shale.

Features & Amenities

Boating, fishing, hiking, camping, disc golf, cabins, shelter houses, picnicking

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