About Van Wert Children’s Garden & Butterfly House

This garden, located in Smiley Park on the southwest side of Van Wert, was recently selected by Horticulture Magazine as one of the top 10 Destination Gardens in the United States. It provides a hands-on learning facility for children and their families. A gazebo is positioned in the center with several theme gardens radiating out like spokes on a wheel. The first garden is a large butterfly-shaped garden outlined by flagstone and incorporating vibrant plantings that butterflies love. A walkway through the center of the garden leads to the colorful Vera Bradley Butterfly House that contains lush plantings of aromatic flowers that attract the many multihued butterflies that make their residence in the House. The garden is a work in progress – recently a fossil garden path was dedicated. The path is made up of limestone rocks from both the Silurian (440 million years ag0) and the Devonian (410 million years ago) geologic time periods. The fossils on display at the Chidlren's Garden come from the Stoneco Ostrander Quarry near Columbus, OhioWhile visiting the Children's Garden, families can also enjoy the many other amenities of the 29 ½ -acre Smiley Park. There are lighted softball and baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a children's playground. The park has pavilions with picnic tables and grills, a pond for fishing, restrooms, and a concession stand.

Features & Amenities

sports fields, tennis/basketball courts, playground, picnic tables/grills, fishing, concession stand

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