About Witzi’s Raw Granola

Witzi's Raw Granola produces raw, organic, grain & gluten-free granolas. While Witzi's Raw Granola was founded in 2018, the owner, Amy Witzigreuter, has been making it for over a decade. In an effort to provide nutrient-dense snacks to her children, Witzigreuter developed the recipe and it soon became a family favorite. In 2018, Witzigreuter decided it was time to bring the product to market. Currently, the product can be found online and in 38 locations throughout OH. Witzigreuter is committed to the product, and more. The mother of a 15 year-old with Autism, she knows the importance of job skill development for the Autism population. As the company grows, Witzigreuter aims to incorporate opportunities for those with disabilities. "I think most people underestimate the abilities of people on the spectrum. With the proper programming, these folks can learn skills and contribute in a meaningful and rewarding way." Witzi's Raw Granola is hand made in small batches. What makes it different? The nuts and seeds are soaked, which increases the bioavailability of the nutrients while easing digestion. Once drained and rinsed, some fruit and seasoning is added and it is then dried in a dehydrator. No hot ovens or added oils are used. After 24 hours of drying, the end result has a gentle crunch, is light-weight and nutrient-dense. Witzi's Raw Granola comes in 4 flavors: Original, Savory Spice, Banana Berry, Golden. A seasonal flavor, Pumpkin Spice is available in the Fall.

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