About Worth Family Nature Preserve

Donated to the Parks' by the heirs of Robert Worth, this unique natural area is a mosaic of floodplain, hardwood forest, pine plantation, managed prairie, and thickets. Trails through these varied habitats will lead you to the eastern boarder of the park – a stretch of scenic Greenville Creek that remains in its natural state, having never been dredged or channelized.The trail head begins at the restored prairie. Indian Grass towers overhead, but you can still catch a glimpse of Tree Swallows darting and swooping to and from their nest boxes in the spring and summer months. The prairie gives way to a dense stand of 35-year old White Pine trees. This quiet, sheltered place is an ideal roosting area for Wild Turkeys and Great Horned Owls, who hide within the drooping boughs and branches.Continue through the muffled quiet of the pines and enter a noisy thicket of wild Hawthorn and Crab Apple trees. The abundant fruits and seeds provided by these trees keep many animals active well into the winter months. A variety of bird species nest in this intermediate succession area, attracted by the protective thorns and ample food supply.Walk down a gently sloping hill onto the flood plain, where Greenville Creek meanders and riffles under the shade of Sycamore trees. In spring, a colorful carpet of wildflowers blanket this low lying area including Sessile Trilliums, Wild Geraniums, Yellow Trout Lilies, Dutchmen's Breeches, and Spring Beauties.

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