Discover Hideaway Country Inn in Bucyrus
By Anietra Hamper

Discover Hideaway Country Inn in Bucyrus

Hideaway Country Inn – photo: Hideaway Country Inn

If you detour onto State Route 4, you will stumble on an inviting and majestic yellow Bed & Breakfast called the Hideaway Country Inn. 

The name is appropriate for a place that gives visitors a quiet retreat and a reason to stay awhile.

I am impressed at the attention to details that make the Hideaway Country Inn so charming, like the flowering herb garden out back where the chef gets his fresh ingredients for the meals served to guests.


 Hideaway Country Inn

Chef in the garden – photo: Hideaway Country Inn

The Inn’s owner, Debbie Miller, shows me the other reasons why so many guests return: cooking classes that impart the farm-to-table philosophy; the 12 rooms that each have a different theme; the on-site spa; a delightful Pub with recycled wine barrels on the walls and specials most nights of the week; an impressive wine list and most importantly, the peacefulness of the country.

“Yes, you are in the country. The water tastes different and the air smells different. There are very few outside lights. You can see the stars and there are NO clocks except in the guest rooms,” says Debbie Miller, Owner of the Hideaway Country Inn.    

Debbie, who carries a WSET Level 2 certification from the American Wine School, understands that great food and drinks are often an important part of getaways. That is why there is so much emphasis placed on creative dining and Debbie’s collection of fine wines stored in a climate controlled wine cellar that was once a bomb shelter. 


 Hideaway Country Inn

Country Oak room – photo: Hideaway Country Inn 

I love that the Hideaway Country Inn is also committed to supporting local farmers and their families. Debbie tells me that food ingredients like eggs and corn are sourced locally. In fact, all of the food staples come from three different Amish communities in Ohio.

Culinary classes on-site range from 1-day courses on cooking with fresh herbs to 3-day boot camps learning how to master BBQ. There’s even a class on how to become a wine snob.

The Inn is popular for weddings and special occasions, but many guests just come for a mini-vacation with no agenda at all.


 Hideaway Country Inn

Sunrise at the Hideaway Country Inn – photo: Hideaway Country Inn

There are enough activities to fill the time and Debbie says that oftentimes, guests just end up enjoying the quiet gardens, the in-room Jacuzzis or a massage at the on-site spa.

What makes the Hideaway Country Inn unique is the comfort of home and a certain peacefulness that you can only find in the country.

“The setting here is special – indescribable – it’s the majesty of America. You might see a deer running in the field, if you are lucky enough on a quiet night. They even sneak a nibble out of the garden. Its not what we have created here, it’s what is here that we have complimented,” says Debbie.

I couldn’t agree more.


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