Discover Trumbull County Wineries
By Michael Evans

Discover Trumbull County Wineries

My family recently took a trip to the two wineries found in Trumbull County (where my hometown of Hubbard can be found).
Our first stop was Country Porch Winery, which is described as being “nestled in the heart of Trumbull County.” We found this to be true, as the quaint winery looked more like someone’s home along the wide open roads of the City of Cortland. Its long porch was filled with tables made out of interesting items, such as barn doors, wine barrels, and the like. Folks sat on rocking chairs near the door and a dog greeted us as we made our way inside. 
For just $4 a piece, my family and I opted to taste all 10 of the wines offered at Country Porch. This was not only an amazing deal, but it was also the best way to uncover all of the fun backstories behind each of the wines made here. Each wine was unique and stood out from the others, and I enjoyed and appreciated the thought that went into the flavor profiles!
Photo-119For instance, the “Daisy For Me” (my favorite wine of the evening) was a dry white wine  that was named in honor of the owner’s mother. The “Certin Gold” was appropriately a golden colored white wine rich in flavor that was named after an award-winning stallion raised on the property. “Celebrate d’Vine” was a seasonal wine that burst with apple and cranberry flavors. And the “Scenic Route” was an extremely odd wine with a “hate it or love it” attitude (I hated it, but my brother bought a bottle)!
The Country Porch offers fun events and specials, such as pizza nights, steak nights, painting parties, and more. It was sad to leave, since we enjoyed our stay so much, but we had to head up to our next winery of the night!
The Greene Eagle Winery was located approximately 15 minutes from Country Porch, also in Cortland. There was a fancier feel here and there was even a wedding taking place on-site when we arrived.  Inside, there were tables on the lower level and a loft upstairs. There was also a nice selection of gifts and merchandise.
We opted once again for the tasting platter so we could sample all of the wines made here. Unlike our previous stop, however, there was not a narration that accompanied our tasting, which is not necessarily a bad thing. We drank up the little wine cups from sweetest wine to dryest wine. 
There seemed to be far more sweet wines than dry wines. Some memorable choices were the “Tranquility” which was a pear/kiwi wine, “Midnight Embers” which tasted exactly like a chocolate-covered strawberry, and the “Blackjack” which was my favorite.
Our trip was a huge success, and we left with big purple-tooth-filled smiles on our faces as we discovered more awesome wines made right in Ohio!
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Michael Evans is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Public Affairs Journalism and currently works for The Ohio Department of Transportation as a Legislative Liaison. Michael is additionally the creator of OHventures, an Ohio tourism blog that focuses on outdoor adventure and active lifestyle. He has many hobbies, including writing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, canoeing, running, lifting weights, traveling and photography. You can write to Michael at