Exhilarating Adventures in Butler County
By Heather Rader

Exhilarating Adventures in Butler County

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Do you crave heart pulsing, thrilling adventures that nudge you out of your comfort zone? If so, Butler County offers exciting adventures for every level of thrill-seeker. Whether you take minimal risks or go all out for mind-blowing adventures, these 6 exhilarating adventures in Butler County might just take your breath away!


Love water sports? Head to Wake Nation Cincinnati for a fast-paced thrilling experience gliding upon the water. Featuring a cable system suspended 30 feet above a 10-acre lake, Wake Nation offers wakeboarding, wakeskate, water-ski and kneeboarding. Regardless of skill level, Wake Nation offers beginner lessons at a slower speed and for experienced wakeboarders there are plenty of exciting jumps and speeds for a heart pounding ride.

Paint Balling

If chasing your friends around with paint-filled pellets while dodging their shots sounds like your idea of a thrilling adventure, then head to Paintball Country. Featuring two story fort fields, ten different playing fields, speed ball and woods, round up your friends for an afternoon of paintball fun.

Axe Throwing

Competitive axe throwing has been a popular Canadian sport for more than a decade. At Cincinnati Axe Throwing, you’ll learn how to properly handle and throw the metal axe from an experienced instructor, then practice your hand at whirling the axe into the wood target. Grab a group of friends for this exciting adventure to see who has the best aim in a thrilling axe throwing battle!

Kart Racing

Race around the 500 feet grand-prix style track at The Web Extreme Entertainment. As greater Cincinnati’s only indoor electric go-kart track, The Web features single and double karts for a fun and thrilling ride for adventure seekers of all ages. For a more fast-paced karting adventure, check out the high-speed indoor karts at Full Throttle, for an adrenaline pumping 40mph ride around the tracks.


For the ultimate thrill-seeker, take a leap of faith from thousands of feet in the air! Start Skydiving is one of the top five largest Drop-Zones in the world with 1.15 miles of long runway, 23,000 sq.ft. hangar and 600+ acres of flat soft cut sod to land. First time skydivers are in for a mind-blowing experience with a tandem skydive strapped to a professional tandem skydiving instructor. Exit the plane at 14,000 feet, followed by 45 seconds of free fall, then glide down to earth for the last few exhilarating minutes of your skydive.


For the minimal risk taker, experience the sport of golf at Top Golf. Practice your swing, hit microchipped golf balls which are tracked for accuracy and distance, score points by hitting targets and experience the sport like never before in a climate-controlled bay. If your golf game makes you hungry, order food and drinks which are delivered right to your bay, so you can continue perfecting your swing.

From the adrenaline-charged feeling of freefalling at 14,000 feet in the sky, whirling sharp metal axes at wood targets to fast paced thrills around a race track, Butler County offers exhilarating adventures for every type of thrill seeker!

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