Explore Ohio with your Furry Friend!
By Heather Rader

Explore Ohio with your Furry Friend!

Summertime in Ohio is the perfect season to enjoy a weekend escape with your pet! What better way to enjoy summertime activities and Ohio’s natural beauty than in the company of your entire family, including your dog! Ohio has many pet-friendly resorts that can accommodate you and your best dog friend!

Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center is nestled within the nearly 3,000 acres of Hueston Woods State Park. Several cabins and camping sites are pet-friendly. A stay at Hueston Woods Lodge allows pet owners to enjoy Ohio’s natural landscapes, in the company of their best friend!

My dog, Izzy, and I enjoyed a quick summer escape to Hueston Woods recently. We hiked the trails, went swimming and more. It was especially nice to just read a book with my best friend beside me while viewing Ohio’s beautiful scenery. Izzy’s favorite place to visit was the new three-acre Hueston Woods Dog Park. It’s all fenced in with numerous benches for dog owners to relax under the shade. Making new friends, running free around the park and finding tree branches to fetch made Izzy’s doggy dreams come true!

After playing in the dog park, Izzy and I hit the beach of the 625-acre Acton Lake. With a designated pet swim area, dogs have a spot of the lake all to themselves! Swimming and playing in the lake was the perfect way to cool down on a warm summer afternoon!

With the “dog days” of summer upon us, a few tips when traveling with your dog include: never leave your dog unattended in a hot vehicle, camper or cabin; avoid strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day; always provide fresh water for your dog; and have your pet on a leash unless in designated no-leash areas. These few tips will keep your pet cool and allow your furry friend to enjoy their summer getaway as well!

Other pet-friendly Ohio resorts include: Burr Oak Lodge and Conference Center, Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center, Maumee Bay Lodge and Conference Center, Punderson Manor Lodge and Conference Center, Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center, and Shawnee Lodge and Conference Center. They all accommodate a dog-included getaway!

Whether you are hiking the trails, running free in a dog park, boating or swimming in a lake, or marveling at the beautiful Ohio landscape, it’s so much better when your best friend can go along. So load up the entire family and visit a pet-friendly Ohio resort this summer!


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