Fall Flavor: Ohio Seasonal Craft Beers to Try
By Nick Dekker

Fall Flavor: Ohio Seasonal Craft Beers to Try

It’s almost here! My absolute favorite time of the year: autumn. As much as I love summer and all its fun, autumn is when I come ALIVE! Cooler weather, cozier nights, gathering around campfires with s’mores. And best of all… fall beers.

I especially love those seasonal beers that complement the weather: clean lagers in the summer, spicy holiday ales, big porters and stouts in the winter, sweet and hoppy IPAs (okay, those are good any time of year), and the sweet and malty offerings of autumn.

Here are 12 fun autumn ales from Ohio breweries, from crisp Oktoberfest lagers to sweet pumpkin beers and everything in-between.

Oktoberfest | Wolf’s Ridge Brewing | Columbus

Wolf’s Ridge is one of my favorite Columbus breweries – it’s hard to tell if the beer or the food is better. Their Oktoberfest is a perfect example of the Marzen-style beer: light copper in color, lightly sweet, a nice balance of bittering hops.

Yammy Yammy | Platform Beer Co. | Cleveland

Always the ones to innovate, Platform offers up their take on the traditional pumpkin ale by brewing Yammy Yammy, an ale with sweet potatoes. It’s sweet and a little spicy, and pours a clear orange color.

Squashing Pumpkins | Sideswipe Brewing | Columbus

Likewise, Sideswipe Brewing in Columbus creates an ale with mostly squash instead of the pumpkins. It’s light-bodied and clean-drinking with just a hint of spice.

Lagerstadt | Warped Wing Brewing | Dayton

Located in downtown Dayton, Warped Wing is housed in an old industrial site. You can enjoy beers in the taproom with great views of the brewing facility and the Dayton skyline. Lagerstadt is their crisp and clean fall lager, with a slightly nutty and honey sweetness.

Strangeville Spiced Ale | Brew Kettle | Strongsville

Brew Kettle beers are always fun to drink, and their Strangeville is a classic pumpkin ale, with loads of pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices.

Norden Hoch Oktoberfest | North High Brewing | Columbus

North High Brewing in Columbus brews and cans a lovely classic Oktoberfest style called Norden Hoch (German for “North High,” in case you don’t get it).

Frog’s Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale | Hoppin’ Frog | Akron

True to form, Hoppin’ Frog takes the traditional pumpkin ale and amps up the sweet pumpkin and the spices. If that’s not enough for you, they also offer a version aged in whiskey barrels.

Oktoberfest | Great Lakes Brewing | Cleveland

Like many Great Lakes’ beers, their Oktoberfest is a much-loved brew enjoyed all over the region. Look for their recognizable branding on the bottle, with a colorful drawing of people clinking together frothy glasses of beer.

Festbier | Columbus Brewing Company | Columbus

Festbier is Columbus Brewing Company’s German-style lager. It’s wonderfully smooth, malty, and fun to drink. Perfect for fall-themed parties.

Frantz | Rhinegeist Brewery | Cincinnati

Rhinegeist’s Over-the-Rhine brewery and taproom is one of my favorite places in Ohio, a giant, industrial building in an historic neighborhood. You can sip on beer in the taproom, play ping pong and cornhole, or discover the amazing rooftop bar. Frantz is one of their many great offerings, a clean and malty brew perfect for this time of year.

Tinkerton | Seventh Son Brewing | Columbus

In the late summer, Seventh Son releases this rich barleywine that combines touches of citrus with big, piney hops and dark, sweet malts.

Oktoberbreast | Devil’s Kettle Brewing | Athens

Yes, you read the name right. Devil’s Kettle brews an Oktoberfest-style beer they release at the turnover from summer to fall. They donate 10% of the sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Celebrate the season! Find more fall flavors and treats at Ohio.org.

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