Family Friendly Fall Fun
By Meg Berno

Family Friendly Fall Fun

We begin our fall fun with a peaceful stroll through the Euclid Creek Reservation. Just like the different colors on the trees, Euclid Creek is like a melting pot itself with several neighborhoods and ethnicities all converging to bike, hike, walk, run or stroll. My dog takes every opportunity to stop and sniff all the various alluring smells she can find. My son rides his bike and becomes distracted by the dazzling colors on trees. Fall is mesmerizing.

We drop the dog back off at the house and head out to Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland for our annual pumpkin picking. The saying, “the bigger, the better” definitely applies to these pumpkins. We scope the patch looking out for the largest pumpkin we can carry. We get some cider, a donut and an apple dumpling for later and continue on our journey.

Off to Lake Metropark Farmpark in Kirtland where, for the month of October, this country oasis transforms into a Halloween wonderland. The turnout grows every year and tickets sell out quickly. My son and I enjoy the not-so-haunted hayride through the forest with spooky scenes along the way. After the ride, we hang out in the Festival Field and watch the glow-stick dancers perform their popular show, and finish the night off with a powdered-sugar-covered elephant ear.

After all that adventure, there’s the sugar high from the treats–jumping off the wall and talking a mile a minute. I don’t know how my son puts up with me.

About the Author

Meg Berno is a freelance writer and Marketing Coordinator with the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau. Meg graduated from Miami University with a degree in Strategic Communications. Outside of work, Meg enjoys photography, writing and finding new places to explore in Ohio.