About Folk-Rock Story-Song Co-Bill: Annalise Emerick + The Rough and Tumble

Folk-Rock Story-Song Co-Bill:Annalise Emerick + The Rough and Tumble Saturday, March 23, 2019 @ 7:30pm ($16 Donation)Annalise Emerick is a folk rock balladeer from Nashville who creates soothing story songs filled with clever lyrics, moving melodies and catchy choruses. www.annaliseemerick.comThe Rough and Tumble is an independent Americana duo who play adventurous songs with wide ranging harmonies and a unique mix of instruments. www.theroughandtumble.comNote: Show is in a comfy and quiet listening room in downtown Cincy featuring FREE snacks and FREE soft drinks. DownTowne Listening Room House Concert in Downtown Cincywww.DownTowneListeningRoom.comSee site for invite!

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