About It Started with Pencil and Paper…the origins of familiar glass patterns

The Ohio Glass Museum and Glass Blowing Studio is pleased to present for its March 2019 exhibit �It Started with Pencil and Paper�The origins of familiar glass patterns.�When we see a beautiful glass vase, box, or cake plate, we rarely think of the person who created the pattern. In this exhibition, we will examine initial sketches, blueprints, patents, mold-making, and all of the other steps needed before the hot glass becomes involved in the final creation. Because these final creations are the products of the individual companies, e.g. Anchor Hocking or Lancaster Glass, the designers, artists, draftsman, and craftsmen who made the creations happen are generally lost in obscurity. In this exhibition, we intend to unearth some of those very important people. We will also exhibit pieces of the glass patterns that originally �Started with Pencil and Paper�.

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