Find Wildflowers in Ohio: State Parks, Nature Preserves Bask in Beauty
By Meg Berno

Find Wildflowers in Ohio: State Parks, Nature Preserves Bask in Beauty

Spring is in full bloom in Ohio as warmer weather ignites the landscape with beautiful wildflowers. Treat your eyes to gorgeous displays – each region offering a unique perspective on this natural phenomenon. Where do you find them? We can help!


Strouds Run State Park

Spring is in full bloom at Strouds Run State Park! Travel along the Rochhouse Trail to spy more than six species of wildflowers at their peak with more on the way. Bring along your camera to capture breath taking shots of common white trout lilies, bloodroots and early saxifrage.

Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve

Eagle Creek is a staple for wildflowers in Ohio. Being that it is in the northern part of the state, you can expect it’s blooms to be about a week or two behind other regions, but when they emerge – WOW! Head up to Garrettsville and treat your eyes to a gorgeous display of the appropriately named species, spring beauty!

Kendrick Woods State Nature Preserve

Just west of Lima lies this remote outdoor paradise showcasing abundant wildflowers. Make your way through the south trail to check out multiple blooming species such as harbinger-of-spring, sharp-lobed hepatica and purple cress!

Caesar Creek State Park

This State Park is a wildflower lovers dream! Take a trip and explore the scattered woodlands for this season’s wildflowers! Different species such as purple cress, blue phlox and cut-leaved toothwort are just beginning to pepper the slopes of this stunning landscape.

Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve

Head out to Blackhand Gorge in Newark to uncover some of nature’s beauties this weekend! With the weather warming up, there will be many different species in full bloom. Be on the look out for Dutchman’s breeches, large white trilliums and rue-anemone as you walk or bike through the trail that winds through the nature preserve.

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