Five Romantic Things To Do In Hocking Hills For Valentine’s Day
By Heather Rader

Five Romantic Things To Do In Hocking Hills For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you planned your romantic escape yet? While your special someone might desire chocolates, flowers, or jewelry for Valentine’s Day, why don’t you surprise them with a romantic weekend getaway instead? Sweep your sweetheart off their feet and enjoy a weekend of exploring nature, rekindling romance and relaxing peacefully with a romantic getaway in Hocking Hills.

Here are five romantic things to do in Hocking Hills for Valentine’s Day!

1. Take a Romantic Hike

Enjoying the stunning landscapes of Hocking Hills with your partner makes a hike even more magical. From exploring grottos, caves, waterfalls, and the region’s natural flora and fauna, there is just something special about witnessing the beauty of nature while holding your sweetheart’s hand!

Don’t miss the Sweethearts Hike at Ash Cave on Saturday, February 11th from 5-7pm.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

2. Enjoy a Spa Day

Sometimes the most romantic thing to do with your beloved is to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Why not pamper yourself and your partner with a massage and/or spa day in Hocking Hills? With a full-service spa, the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls offers several spa packages for the ultimate relaxation day! Or if you prefer to stay in the warmth of your cabin, why not hire a massage therapist to pamper the two of you in the privacy of your own cabin? There are several traveling licensed massage therapists in the area (ask the cabin rental company or visit for a full list).  

Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Photo Courtesy of the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

3. Soak in your Private Hot Tub

A relaxing nighttime soak in a hot tub with your sweetheart is a great way to rekindle some romance. Grab a bottle of wine or champagne and toast to each other, to romance, and to the beauty of Hocking Hills!

When booking your Hocking Hills accommodation, look for cabins with private hot tubs for a secluded and romantic retreat!

Hocking Hills, Ohio

4. Visit Hocking Hills Winery

Please your wine-loving sweetheart with a visit to Hocking Hills Winery. Sample local Ohio wines, find your favorite wine, and enjoy a glass in front of the cozy fireplace. You can even dance the night away during live entertainment on the weekends. I would suggest trying their wine slushies for a delicious frosty twist and purchase a bottle to enjoy later at your cabin!

Hocking Hills Winery

5. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

From delicious homemade comfort foods to gourmet fine dining, every type of foodie will find something to satisfy the palate in Hocking Hills! For a special dinner, treat your sweetheart to a seven-course gourmet meal at Glenlaurel Inn, a seasonal gourmet meal at Kindred Spirits (located at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls) or a farm-to-table meal at Rhapsody (call ahead to make reservations for all three restaurants). Or if you prefer to dine in the privacy of your own cabin, hire a private chef to prepare a meal right in the kitchen of your cabin!

Glenlaurel Inn, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Photo Courtesy of Glenlaurel Inn

Embrace the romance of the season and treat your sweetheart to a romantic getaway in Hocking Hills! To plan your Valentine’s celebration in Hocking Hills, please visit


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