Gahanna Herbal Trail
By Heather Rader

Are you an herbalist that dreams of basil, dill, fennel, lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, or other herb plants? Then you need to discover Gahanna, the Herb Capital of Ohio! Spearheaded by Jane “Bunnie” Geroux, the State legislature officially declared Gahanna as the Herb Capital of Ohio in 1972. In 2012, the Gahanna Herbal Trail was launched by the Gahanna Convention and Visitors Bureau to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of being recognized as the Herb Capital of Ohio. The Gahanna Herbal Trail has become a sensory adventure for herbalist, naturalists, and curious herb novices to see, smell, taste, and touch Ohio’s herbs.

The Gahanna Herbal Trail consists of more than 40 local culinary and shopping venues, numerous herb gardens and trails, eco-learning opportunities, and health and wellness retreats. With plenty of herbal experiences, visitors can customize their own Gahanna Herbal Trail itinerary based on the individuals’ herbal interests. The self-guided ease of the herbal trail allows visitors to explore at their own pace. I would recommend a visit to the Gahanna Convention and Visitor Bureau as your first stop to acquire the Herbal Trail Discovery Guide.

To gain herbal knowledge and to participate in guided Herb Walks, a visit to the Ohio Herb Education Center is a must! Located in the Nafzger-Miller house, the original structure was built in 1855 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With knowledgeable herbalists and staff, the Ohio Herb Education Center is the perfect place to start your herbal trail adventure! The center offers herbal classes, workshops, guided Herb Walks, and has a gift shop to purchase locally made herbal goodies!

With more than 775 acres of parks and trails, visitors can search for numerous herbal species growing along the paths and trails throughout Gahanna. A visit to the Geroux Herb Gardens and Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center (both a few minutes’ drive from Gahanna) will encourage you to explore the herbal environments and appreciate the beauty of Ohio nature!

After visiting the gardens and trails, stop by local businesses that participate in the Gahanna Herbal Trail. For the herb-inspired culinary adventure, the Herbal Trail offers bakeries, bars, a brewery, café’s, restaurants, and a winery that have herb-infused drinks, food dishes, and culinary delights for visitors to savor! For shoppers, visit local boutiques and shops for herb-inspired gifts, bath and body products, at-home food mixes, and herbal seeds. And if you need a day of rest and relaxation, schedule an herbal massage or beauty treatment at one of the local salons!

The Gahanna Herbal Trail is an herb-lover’s dream. Whether you are looking for an herbal inspired culinary experience, herb education, or a health and wellness escape, a visit to the Gahanna Herbal Trail will allow you to experience why Gahanna is the Herb Capital of Ohio!



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