Get Together at Valley Vineyards’ Weekend Cookouts
By Damaine Vonada

Get Together at Valley Vineyards’ Weekend Cookouts

What’s better than a cookout? A no-hassle cookout! Sure, hosting a backyard gathering is great fun, but it can also be a ton of work.  That’s why I like going to the Weekend Cookouts at Valley Vineyards. The cookouts mean no shopping! No slicing, dicing, peeling or prep! No clean-up and no stress! 

Instead, I get to relax with family and friends, savor fantastic wines and craft beers and still enjoy the smokey sizzle and mouth-watering aromas of a classic, American cookout. The best part is although the sangria is wonderfully refreshing in the warm weather, the Weekend Cookouts are held throughout the year!

Much of Valley Vineyards’ appeal is its location in the lush southwest Ohio countryside between Dayton and Cincinnati. It sits among the hills and dales of the Ohio River Valley viticultural area where America’s wine industry began 200 years ago, and since Valley Vineyards’ wines are estate-grown, you can see vinifera, hybrid and American grapevines billowing through the fields across from the winery.

The Schuster family has owned and operated the vineyards for nearly 50 years, and they produce award-winning wines as well as craft beers. Whenever people congregate around the grills to socialize and sip at a glass of velvety Cabernet Sauvignon or smooth Seyval Blanc, the Weekend Cookouts seem like a friendly neighborhood get together.  



The cookouts live up to their name because you really do get to grill your choice of a steak or salmon over hot charcoal. Rare, medium or well-done, you decide how you want to cook (and also season) your main dish. Sides like green beans almondine and fresh corn-on-the-cob are served buffet-style, making the end result a customized and satisfying meal. 

The $35 fixed price for adults includes either a bottle or four glasses of wine, plus homemade desserts like the rich and silky chocolate pie. 

If you go: Weekend Cookouts tend to be a very popular event, so be sure (especially on Saturdays) to make a reservation. 

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Top image provided by the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau.


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