Give the Gift of “Glamping” in Ohio this Holiday Season
By Meg Berno

Give the Gift of “Glamping” in Ohio this Holiday Season

This is a modified version of a blog post that originally appeared on the blog, Triple Threat Mommy. The author, Pam, spent her anniversary on a weekend glamping trip in Ohio. To view the original post, click here. Considering planning your own glamping trip to the Wilds or giving a loved one a surprise trip as a holiday gift? Click here to purchase a gift card to the Wilds.

This year marks the 15th Wedding Anniversary to The Hubby. Our normal way of celebrating is usually a kiss in the morning and a “Happy Anniversary”. More often than not, I hate to admit, is that we forget our anniversary. Not joking. And we have two: one in June for our City Hall wedding, which was then followed a year later for the church wedding the following May. So, we actually have two wedding anniversaries, which gives us two chances to remember every year. But life just gets in the way.

This year will be different. We were given the opportunity to visit the state of Ohio. I was simply stunned at the choices (amusement parks, great food, beaches – YES! Beaches!). The one thing that caught my eye was GLAMPING. Yup. Glamping = Glamorous Camping. Which, if you know me, is the only kind of camping I could ever do.

Glamping at Nomad Ridge at The Wilds

Glamorous camping does not involve pitching a tent, cooking beans and hot dogs over an open-fire and sleeping in sleeping bags. What it does involve is sleeping in a yurt and a full-on safari — In the middle of Ohio — Cumberland, Ohio to be exact. I can hear your mouth opening in astonishment as you are reading this.

The kind people at Nomad Ridge at The Wilds will be hosting us for an overnight stay to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Like I said, there will be no tents involved, but a Premium Yurt, which includes a king-sized bed, seating area, bathroom with shower, mini fridge and Keurig brewer with complimentary teas and coffees. The yurt is climate controlled and has a wooded view of the animal pastures from our deck. Our overnight package includes dinner and breakfast for two, an open-air safari, and access to a 24-hour concierge for drinks or any other requests we may have. Now, this is the kind of camping I’m talkin’ about.

Let’s take a step back. The Wilds is the largest wildlife conservation center that provides a natural, open-range home for endangered species in North America. It is a private, non-profit safari park, that integrates science, educational programs, hands-on experiences and one-of-a-kind adventures to create memories that you will never forget. They have more than 350 mammals representing 31 different species from around the world – including cheetahs, takin (an animal related to sheep), giraffes, zebras and antelope.

The next morning, breakfast is served at the Overlook Café and we head on out to our 2-hour Open-Air Safari — that’s right, a safari in the middle of Ohio. We’ll be in an open-air jeep watching beautiful rhinos and antelope in their natural habitat. No need to travel 17+ hours to Africa; you can experience a safari in the United States of America!

For more information, visit the The Wilds and Discover Ohio

{I received a complimentary overnight package at The Wilds. All opinions expressed are mine.}

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