Grab a Slice from these 3 Ohio Pizza Places
By Jen Rome

Grab a Slice from these 3 Ohio Pizza Places

Pick up a pizza from one of three NE Ohio spots

Pizza from Saucy Brew Works in Cleveland

There are some pizza options in the Cleveland area who have not only been doing an amazing job providing tasty pies, but have also been giving back to the community. So grab a slice from one of these three local spots:

Saucy Brew Works

A nearby Ohio City pizzeria is also giving back to the community. Saucy Brew Works is offering free pizza slices to all those in need, as well as the members of the construction crew working near the brewery, every Wednesday from 11AM – 2PM at their pick-up window. This gesture of kindness and support in a time when someone’s next meal may be uncertain is proof that this is a place worthy of your business.

Personally, I love Nashville Hot Chicken pizza, but if you’re feeling like you want to get creative in the kitchen, Saucy also offers a $30 Build-Your-Own option with your choice of pizza sauces and toppings, your choice of pasta and a salad.

Ohio City Pizzeria

The landing page of this pizzeria, which changed ownership early this year, says: “During Times of Uncertainty, It is Good to Do Good.” That pretty much tells me all I need to know! This place slings delicious pies, some of which were created by local celebrities like Homa Bash, Joe Cimperman and Ricky Smith.

But more than that, Ohio City Pizzeria is now run by the West Side Catholic Center and provides on-the-job training for those seeking essential work skills, as well as serving as a source of funding for the Center, which serves people in need of food, clothing, shelter and advocacy, as they make their way toward self-sufficiency.


If you asked me where my favorite pizza in town came from, I would have to say Antonio’s. I grew up eating it and it’s still just as tasty today. If you must know, my favorite is the Freddie’s Favorite.

But beyond the delicious pizza, the LoSchiavo family that owns the pizzeria recently donated 1,000 pizzas to local hospital systems as a gesture of gratitude to front-line health care workers. I will gladly order a pie or two from a place like that!

So, have a delicious time eating a slice – or two – of pizza while also supporting local businesses that are giving back!

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