Hand-Crafted Sweets for Summer
By Theresa Russell

Hand-Crafted Sweets for Summer

Doscher's Candy Co. brings sweetnesss to a traditional treat

Candy canes from Doscher's Candy Co. in Cincinnati

Claus Doscher, who immigrated from Germany, created the first Doscher’s handcrafted candy cane in Cincinnati back in 1871, and they still use that same recipe today. If you’ve ever tasted a Doscher’s Candy Co.  candy cane, you’ll be glad they have stuck with tradition. Claus’s process involves using real peppermint oil, cooking small batches in copper kettles and working with the best tools known to man – your hands – to roll, knead, stripe, and hook the canes. Christmas in July anyone?

Doscher’s assorted candy cane flavors

There are amazing flavors that’ll change your mind about candy canes in summer. How about watermelon, green apple, blue raspberry, strawberries and cream or tutti fruity. They even make a birthday cake flavor! The same copper kettles and time-honored techniques ensure every candy cane is a one-of-a-kind piece of confectionery art.

Tropical Collection is just one assortment of French Chew candies

But Claus didn’t just make candy canes. Another must-try treat synonymous with the Doscher’s name is the famous French Chew. French Chew is a chewy, nougat-like candy made in amazing flavors and shaped into bars or individually wrapped bite-size minis. The taffy-like thin bar ranks high in popularity.

Multi-colored Candy Buttons

Other candies like the Candy Buttons come complete with a dose of nostalgia. Seeing those colorful buttons on white paper strips took me back to my elementary school days when those buttons were the popular birthday treat to share with classmates.

Take a Tour

Intrigued by the candy making process? Sign up for one of the very popular tours of the manufacturing facility. Doscher’s inhabits a historic home right on Main St., and a new barn attached to the home houses the production facility. Advance reservations are required; tours fill quickly. And, yes, there are sweet samples!

Doscher’s Tea Room place settings

Tea Time

Doscher’s also welcomes visitors to enjoy tea and lunch in their stylish black and white designed Tearoom. Available on Wednesdays from February to December, the experience includes a selection of teas served in pretty teapots accompanied by a selection of appropriate tea time treats like quiche, sandwiches, pastries and more.

Treat yourself or make a welcomed gift of Doscher’s Candy Co. hand-crafted sweets. And keep an open mind when it comes to candy canes in summer. You’ll be glad you did!

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