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Listing Database and Ohio.org Updates

Listing Database and Ohio.org Updates

Listing Database and Ohio.org Updates

We have been thrilled with the new Ohio.org, which launched July 1. As you know with your own web properties, you do not simply design your site and walk away. Websites require continual changes and updates as we discover better ways to improve the user experience. We want to thank several members of the industry for bringing some of their concerns about both the consumer-facing website (Ohio.org) and the Database (Listings.Ohio.org). Last week, specifically, Mary and Joe met with the Capital Area Tourism Alliance to review concerns and present solutions. Mary and Joe are happy to talk with any group about website concerns – just send us an email anytime! (joe.giessler@development.ohio.gov)

Here’s an overview of some recent / upcoming changes:

800 Character Minimum on Listing Descriptions -- While we want to provide consumers with the most complete information possible, we recognize this created a difficult workload for some of our partners. To that end, we have reduced the minimum requirement to 400 characters on all listing descriptions, effective immediately.

Discover Your Experience – We are redeveloping our browse/inspiration section formerly known as “Discover Your Experience.” We are working to develop a new section that will likely include less emphasis on selecting a specific city and more focus on people selecting their hobbies or interests. While that is being developed, the Discover Your Experience bar has been removed.

City Filter Options – When a consumer visits Ohio.org and chooses a category (e.g. – Arts & Culture), they have the option to filter the list by interest (e.g. – Black History) or city (e.g. – Cleveland). Our initial list of cities was created using county seats. In reviewing this list, we recognized that we were leaving out a number of cities with great tourism product. We created a new filter list based on a number of factors, including regional location, travel interest, search results and amount of tourism product. Additionally, some second tier cities will be included in results for first tier cities. (e.g. – Dublin listings can be found by clicking “Columbus” filter). The new filter lists will be implemented by the end of the year.

If you have any questions about the website or database, please do not hesitate to contact Joe Giessler at joe.giessler@development.ohio.gov.