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Message from Mary

Message from Mary

Message from Mary

Mary picThe 4th of July weekend was predicted to have the strongest travel performance in 8 years. Fuel prices are a big factor since they are the lowest they have been in a number of years. Add that to increased consumer confidence and jobs growth – and you can bet there were a good number of people traveling by car to Ohio to celebrate the nation’s independence.

With all of that, here is hoping everyone had a prosperous, happy and safe Fourth of July! Hopefully, you took a moment to escape your regular routine, stand back and smile at the blessings around you – whether it was watching your children decorate their bikes for the community parade, sharing a cold beverage with family at a backyard barbeque, or cuddling up with a loved one to watch fireworks light up the sky. The 4th is filled with iconic images that remind us how lucky we are to live in the United States - and Ohio in particular.

The freedom associated with travel is taken to a whole new level during the 4th of July holiday. It is important to take time away and reconnect with those we care so much about. It reminds us why we do what we do – promoting Ohio and all the inspirational experiences that lead to lifelong memories.

Many of you are participating in the 2015 Ohio State Fair coming up July 29 thru August 9 – a summer tradition filled with fried food and fun! We are excited this year to offer the “Passport to Ohio.” Visitors will be able to collect stamps by stopping by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Department of Agriculture and TourismOhio – all wonderful state agency partners. Thank you to all who are taking part. We look forward to seeing you at the Ohio State Fairgrounds – look for us in the Bricker Building!

Another big event to note - just before the holiday, TourismOhio flipped the switch on the new DiscoverOhio.com website which is now live!

During creation of the TourismOhio PlantoWin, you, our stakeholders, clearly stated that a more robust and mobile-friendly website was a top priority for Ohio tourism. The insight received was instrumental in helping create a site that enhances the visitor experience. Expect tweaks to be made along the way to continue to improve upon the website. We are also eager to incorporate the new branding as soon as it is ready.

Please take a few moments to look over the new site, and don’t forget to try it out on your tablet or phone. DiscoverOhio.com is fully responsive!

New website2
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Joe Giessler at Joe.Giessler@development.ohio.gov.   

We consider freedom a gift, and travel is one of the ultimate ways to express that freedom. As the new website seeks to inspire visitors to come to Ohio, it is the experience they have with you that truly makes the memory.

Thanks for all you do to deliver the experience of Ohio!

For the Good of Ohio,

Mary L. Cusick