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Ohio. Find It Here. Brand Info

Ohio. Find It Here. Brand Info

Featured image for 'Drag Queen Game Night'


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A brand for a revitalized Ohio

A new spirit is overtaking Ohio. More people are back to work, our economy is diversifying and Ohioans are confident about the future of their state. A re-energized Ohio calls for a stronger, distinctive voice to set it apart as a place to live, work, play and stay.

“Ohio. Find It Here.” is Ohio’s brand. The brand represents how people actually think and feel about their experiences in Ohio. It is based on an innovative research process that included more than 142 hours of one-on-one interviews that found that Ohio’s activities and attractions inspire real, honest and deep connections that last forever.

While Ohio has gained momentum in attracting visitors from outside Ohio, research also showed a lack of awareness about the state and the emotional experiences that people share when visiting. The brand reinforces, on an emotional level, the joy, happiness, excitement and shared connections people experience in Ohio.

It is a brand that is flexible and powerful because it is widely applicable, and able to exude all facets of Ohio beyond tourism, to include economic development, natural resources, Ohio’s workforce and much more.

The  brand statement was tested against competitor statements and consumers overwhelmingly found it to be more appealing than brand statements used by neighboring states.


An integrated marketing campaign, featuring broadcast, print, digital, social and paid search advertising creates awareness for Ohio as a destination of choice.

(Note: A brand is how people think and feel about a product or service. It is culmination of the music, the tone, the images, the fonts, colors, the messaging, the look, the feel, and the voice. A brand is not simply a tagline or logo.)


TourismOhio strives to make Ohio a destination of choice, enriching lives through authentic travel experiences. TourismOhio aggressively positions Ohio as relevant travel destination and supports Ohio’s tourism industry to drive economic prosperity throughout the state. Tourism marketing programs helped generate 212 million visits to Ohio and $43 billion in sales in 2016.

Ohio. Find It Here.