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Listings Verifications Due

Promote your destinations on Ohio.org and in the 2022 Ohio Travel Guide.

Listings Verifications Due

Now is the time to promote your destinations on Ohio.org and in the 2022 Ohio Travel Guide.

We need your help to provide travelers with the most up-to-date and inspiring travel ideas. The deadline to verify the accuracy of your listings and events is Wednesday, October 20 at 5 PM.

The Ohio.org destination database is the primary way in which we can help you reach a wider audience. Thank you in advance for going to Ohio.org/industry/publications and verifying your information by October 20 so that we have the information necessary for the 2022 Ohio Travel Guide and on Ohio.org.

How to Verify Ohio Travel Guide Listings

  1. Go to Ohio.org/industry/publications and click "Login to Database" under the "How do I get listed" section. Or visit https://development.force.com/OhioListings/s/login/ directly. If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password function.
  2. Review your listing information and make any changes needed, then check the box at the bottom of the webpage that says you've verified your listing. Also check the box at the bottom of the webpage to publish your listing in the Ohio Travel Guide.
  3. Your saved information will then be shared with the publisher and updated on Ohio.org.
  4. Deadline: Wednesday, October 20 at 5 PM.

If you have questions regarding logging in or entering information, please email Website Manager Jesse Dotson at jesse.dotson@development.ohio.gov.

We want your photos! If you would like to submit pictures for consideration in Ohio. Find It Here. publications, please contact Stephanie Park at spark@glpublishing.com.