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Registration for the 2016 Co-Op Begins Today!

Registration for the 2016 Co-Op Begins Today!

Registration for the 2016 Co-Op Begins Today!

Sign-up today for the 2016 Co-Op! The registration period letting us know your intent to participate in the 2016 Co-Op begins at noon, Tuesday, November 17 and continues until noon, Monday, November 30. When you register you will be asked whether you would like to participate in the:

  • Destination Builder Plus program
  • Destination Builder program
  • both

If you participate in the Destination Builder Plus program, please indicate via the new online portal how much you are requesting in match funds, up to $25,000. Unlike previous years, sign up is no longer first-come-first-serve so if you aren’t able to register for the co-op immediately it won’t impact your ability to receive match funds. Rather, priority for match funds will be given to non-profits including CVBs followed by for-profit organizations. 

Once you are registered for the portal, you will automatically receive an email confirming your sign up and letting you know when it is time for you to take next steps. You will receive reminder emails from the first day you sign up through the remainder of 2016, keeping you on track and in the loop on timing for your co-op media activities. You will also receive an email from the portal on December 1 alerting you of your match allocation and giving you the opportunity to make your advertising selections. The portal will also be the system by which you upload your creative and receive your advertising reporting/results.

During sign up, you’ll notice there will be some questions geared towards understanding more about your paid, earned and owned media activities and marketing budgets in addition to the dollars you intend to allocate to the co-op media opportunities. These questions are completely optional. The intent behind them is to gain an understanding of the role co-op media will play in your general 2016 marketing and media budgets. This insight will help us plan future co-ops. The portal is hosted by Marcus Thomas; the information you provide is not available for public record.

Click here, www.TOCoOp.mtllc.com to access the portal and register for the 2016 Co-Op.

Your input on the development and structure of this year’s co-op is truly appreciated, and we hope that the portal improves the registration and participation process. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Kaley Weiss at Marcus Thomas at KWeiss@marcusthomasllc.com or Lauren Seckel at Lauren.Seckel@development.ohio.gov.

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