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Ten Perfect Ohio Road Trips for Your Summer Getaway

Ten Perfect Ohio Road Trips for Your Summer Getaway

Ten Perfect Ohio Road Trips for Your Summer Getaway
After months of careful planning and valued input from Ohio’s tourism industry, we are excited to launch our 2019 campaign focused on Ohio Road Trips! Building on the success of our 2018 campaign focused on Ohio Adventure Trails, the Ohio Road Trips campaign encourages visitors to extend their travel time in Ohio, turning day trips into overnights and even multi-day stays.

The Ohio Road Trips campaign is comprised of ten themed journeys that crisscross the state, providing trip inspiration complete with options for lodging, dining and other points of interest along the way. Below is a summary of each exciting road trip proving that a visit to Ohio is #WorthTheDrive.

Thriving Cities – Centered-around Ohio’s smart and thriving urban areas including Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Akron, and Cleveland, this road trip will be the featured Road Rally in the July/August 2019 issue of Midwest Living.

To the Moon and Back – 2019 marks the 50-year anniversary of the lunar landing by Ohioan Neil Armstrong. This road trip celebrates Armstrong’s monumental achievement and highlights Ohio’s space exploration and aviation pioneers including the Wright Brothers, John Glenn and more.

The Scenic Route – One of the greatest ways to embrace the beauty and individuality of Ohio’s terrain is through its scenic parks, great nature trails, and nature preserves – this road trip will take you hiking, biking, zipping and paddling through Ohio’s incredible parks and nature preserves.

Are We There Yet? – This road trip sets the stage for the family road trip of a lifetime! From castles to coasters to made-for-kids museums, the whole family is sure to love this journey with destinations that will please those of all ages.

Lovers’ Lane – Ohio has an abundance of romantic escapes, whether it’s a weekend away in a cozy yurt or a luxurious spa session – this road trip caters to those in search of the perfect getaway with that special someone.

Foodie Fill-Up – Ohio’s rich agricultural land offers fertile ground for a food and drink scene unlike any other. This road trip will dazzle your taste buds, both savory and sweet.

Highway to History – From prehistoric cultures to U.S. presidents, this road trip introduces you to the stories and accomplishments of the brave, innovative and industrious people who helped shape Ohio and the nation.

Rock, Ride and Explore – This road trip, designed with first-time visitors in mind, offers an insider’s guide to quintessential Ohio that is sure to inspire a repeat visit.

Culture Cruise – This road trip highlights Ohio’s distinctive arts and cultural destinations including theatres, arts districts, one-of-a-kind museums and renowned institutions.

Winning Drive – From the nation’s first professional baseball club in Cincinnati to the debut of a new Ohio – Champion of Sports exhibit at the Ohio History Center, and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cleveland, this road trip highlights Ohio’s legacy of sports eminence.

I look forward to working with the industry to promote Ohio Road Trips and I’ll see you out on the open road!

Matthew MacLaren, Esq.
Director, TourismOhio