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Feature Story Ideas

Feature Story Ideas

We've Got You Covered With Ohio Facts and Angles

George Hutchins Covered Bridge in Lancaster

Need an Ohio News Story Idea?

Looking for an angle for your Ohio assignment? Want to learn more about the Buckeye State’s unique experiences? This section will help you brainstorm niche topics such as Ohio’s space/aviation history, presidential heritage, wineries, the Great Outdoors and more!

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Music Heritage

It’s this simple: Ohio Rocks! Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and is credited with hosting the first-ever Rock and Roll concert, the Moondog Coronation Ball at the Cleveland Arena in 1952. Southeast Ohio twangs with the sounds of Dixieland, blues and Zydeco echoing throughout Appalachian Country and Cincinnati, in southwest Ohio, is a hotbed of jazz and rhythm and blues. And that’s just the tip of the rock iceberg.


Did you know that Ohio is home to famous astronauts Neil Armstrong (Wapakoneta) and John Glenn (Cambridge)? Or that Ohio houses the world’s largest and oldest military aviation museum, the National Museum of the United States Air Force? The Wright Brothers also called Ohio home and discovered the principles of flight aerodynamics here. Today, dozens of sites throughout the state commemorate the history and spirit of those who made waves in the worlds of space and aviation.

Ohio Outdoors

Sure, we’ve got bustling big cities and picturesque small towns, but did you know Ohio is home to 74 State Parks, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, two zipline adventures, scenic byways, waterfalls, hiking and biking trails, birding sites and more? Ohio’s outdoors hold a world of adventures sure to satisfy both the extreme outdoor enthusiast and the peaceful nature lover.

Ohio Presidential Heritage

They call us the Mother of Presidents for a reason! Ohio has birthed and reared seven U.S. presidents and it doesn’t stop there. Sites like the National First Ladies’ Library and First Ladies National Historic Site pay homage to the wives of the country’s past and present commanders-in-chief and their contributions to our country. Can you name all the First Families that hailed from Ohio?

Coastal Ohio

The majority of Ohio’s northern border lies on the banks of Lake Erie. Lighthouses (including Ohio’s most famous, Marblehead), shipwrecks, winery trails and resorts dot numerous towns along the way from Toledo to Ashtabula. One of Ohio’s hidden gems, the Lake Erie Islands, offers great starting points for stories, including Kelleys Island’s pre-historic glacial grooves and the longest bar in the world at Put-in-Bay, coastal Ohio’s entertainment hot spot.

Wine Country

Get a taste of Ohio’s own Napa Valley. More than 100 wineries are registered in the state and produce nearly 800,000 gallons of wine every year. Surprised? Don’t be—Ohio’s wineries specialize in nearly every flavor and type of wine. One of Ohio’s specialty wines is Ice Wine, a variety of wine that uses grapes picked at Ohio vineyards in the winter and hand-squeezed to yield a delicious, specialty dessert wine.

Appalachian Country

Ohio’s Appalachian Country offers a great cultural escape. Comprising of 29 counties in the state, this area lies on the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The area is rich in musical heritage and artistic expressions and features 24 sites on the National Geographic Appalachian Trail. The area also is home to Ohio’s only major Civil War battle (Buffington Island) and numerous destinations that detail Ohio’s expansive Native-American history.

Amish Culture

It’s no secret that Ohio is home to the world’s largest Amish population. From the clip-clop of an Amish buggy to artisan handmade furniture and delicious home-style fare, northeast Ohio holds a treasure of culture, history and a way of life.