Hotel LeVeque Illuminates Columbus
By Theresa Russell

Hotel LeVeque Illuminates Columbus

A crown in the Columbus skyscape, the LeVeque Tower was once the tallest building between New York and Chicago. It’s recent transformation brings a new life to it in form of the Art-Deco-style Hotel LeVeque. As one of  Marriott’s Autograph Collection hotels, the Hotel LeVeque welcomes guests to an individualistic space that just happens to focus on Columbus culture. That is a tribute to the Autograph Collection’s  moniker – Exactly Like Nothing Else.

Walking into the lobby, I ventured to the podium-style reception desk, greeted warmly by the staff, who wear uniforms created by Columbus designer Liz Bourgeois. Reflecting the Art Deco style, the uniforms are fun and fashionable. The male outfit is reminiscent of a paperboy style, while the female version consists of a flowing blouse covered by a jacket. Not surprisingly, midnight blue is a featured color. And how Columbus is this considering the city is one of the top fashion centers in North America?

Starry Starry Night

Looking to the ceiling and to the artworks on the walls, I noticed the emphasis on astronomy and the stars. Each guest room has star related artwork on the wall, but best of all, a bedside star projector transforms the room into a starlit paradise. The specks of light projected onto the ceiling give the illusion of being close enough to touch the Milky Way.

More Columbus Originals

At every corner, another surprise appears. The entire space has a pleasant signature scent throughout. The in-room bath amenities, created by locally-based Cliff Original, combine bergamot and lavender into all-natural products. Complementing that is a candle with the same scent profile created by another local company, Candle Lab. Just for fun, local artist, John Grosvenor, created a coloring book for guests that tells a story about Columbus.

The many relaxing shades of gray throughout the rooms, the tributes to the Art Deco period and the excellent service provided by the friendly staff contributed to a most memorable stay and moved Hotel LeVeque to the top of my list. You should add it to yours! It is truly is exactly like nothing else.

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