How to: Drink Craft Beer in Ohio
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How to: Drink Craft Beer in Ohio

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Drink Beer Made Here. It’s Ohio’s craft beer rallying cry. You’ll see it on the street, in taprooms, and on the award stage at the Great American Beer Festival. With close to 300 breweries in the state, and over a million barrels of beer brewed last year, it’s not hard to grab a pint of Ohio made beer. In fact, you could only drink Ohio made beer and still not explore all the state has to offer. From hyperlocal newcomers to international noisemakers (what’s up, Jackie O’s!), Ohio boasts a treasure trove of fermented possibility. It’s impossible to condense this breadth into a few short paragraphs, but here is a small sample of our favorite spots from around the state.

In our own backyard of Cincinnati, there are plenty of breweries doing amazing things right now. Some personal staff favorites are Nine Giant, Taft’s, MadTree, Listermann, Brink, and Urban Artifact. From unique, fruited sours to traditional European styles, Queen City breweries are making a wide range of delicious beer to satisfy any palate.

Up the road in Dayton, Warped Wing sports a diverse selection of ales and lagers, with kickass can art to boot.

Grab a bite to eat in Columbus at Seventh Son, who host a rotating series of food trucks to complement their wide away of brews (Barrel Aged Oubliette, anyone?). Stick around downtown and kick back in the Beer Garden at Land-Grant. Being the state capital, you can find brews (and brewers) hailing from all over Ohio in Columbus.

Further north, the Cleveland scene has boasted national power players for years- shoutout to Great Lakes and Fat Head’s– and the craft community continues to impress. IPAs are the name of the game, from Brick n Barrel’s Bitter Chief to Masthead’s Hazy IPAs (be sure to check out their Baseball Bat Imperial Stout as well). For the sour seeker, stop by Butcher and the Brewer for their Kettle Sour with Guava.

Over west, Toledo sports a rapidly growing craft scene. Local stalwart Maumee Bay Brewing has been in the game for over two decades and recently teamed up with MacQueens Orchard for a new cider line. IPA fans can head to Earnest Brew Works for their New Sincerity, a West Coast style crowd pleaser. In Holland, OH, Chris Harris has taken Black Frog Brewing from his garage to a full taproom, churning out top quality liquid all along the way. For fans of the funk, Wild Side and Twin Oast have dialed in their wild fermentation and are producing some crazy good beers. 4KD Crick Brewing and Flatrock Brewing are also helping put small-town brewing on the map in NW Ohio.

Although we’re mostly landlocked between our ale-abundant north-eastern neighbors in Michigan and the barrel-abundant Bluegrass State, Ohio has more than its fair share to offer in terms of pleasing potables. A beer tour of the Buckeye State covers all the brew-bases, and Ohio only becomes more of a destination for beer lovers with each passing year.

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