Hunting Waterfalls in Southwest Ohio
By Heather Rader

Hunting Waterfalls in Southwest Ohio

While exploring Ohio’s natural landscapes is fun during any season, spring invites us to explore her beauty with lush scenery and rushing waterfalls which make hiking even more exhilarating! So lace up your walking shoes, grab your hiking friends and take a waterfall road trip in southwest Ohio!

While there are numerous waterfalls throughout Ohio, the waterfalls of the southwest region of the state can easily be seen in a one-day waterfall road trip (especially if you live in Central and Southwest Ohio!). Below are my favorite waterfalls of the region:

Greenville Falls:

Located in the Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area in Miami County, the roar of the 20-foot cascading waterfall can be heard from the parking lot of Covington-Gettysburg Road Park Entrance. A short walk (approximately 0.13 of a mile) along a gravel path leads you to the Falls Overlook Platform where you can marvel at the 50-foot wide Greenville Creek cascading down into a unique gorge. Visitors can also follow the park trails through a prairie and past remnants of a historic electric mill.

Greenville Falls is located at 9140 Covington-Gettysburg Road, Covington, Ohio 45318.

Greenville Falls, Ohio

Greenville Falls, Ohio

Ludlow Falls:

In the small community of Ludlow Falls, this 15-foot waterfall is located below a bridge on Ohio Route 48 (and can be easily missed when driving). Visitors will find a dirt parking lot on the north side of Covington Avenue (Ohio Route 55), then it’s a short walk towards the roaring sounds of Ludlow Creek. Visitors can walk along the edge of the falls and take a steep, old stairway down into the gorge.

Ludlow Falls is located at 110 Covington Avenue, Ludlow Falls, Ohio 45339 (the falls are located under the bridge of Route 48, adjacent to the post office).

Ludlow Falls, Ohio

Ludlow Falls, Ohio

West Milton Cascades:

While the West Milton Cascades isn’t the most impressive waterfall in the area in terms of water volume, the cascades are a welcomed escape in the middle of the town of West Milton. With two sets of stairs down to the base and several observation areas to enjoy the cascading falls, visitors can also find a small parking lot across the Masonic Lodge on OH-571.

West Milton Cascades are located near the intersection of Ohio Route 48 and OH-571 in the town of West Milton.

West Milton Cascades, Ohio

Charleston Falls:

Located in the Charleston Falls Preserve, a 216-acre park in Miami County, Charleston Falls is the highlight of the park. After a short walk (approximately 0.38 of a mile), visitors will be greeted with the sounds of rushing water and a large limestone gorge. The 37-foot waterfall, which originates from small underground springs, can be enjoyed from several observation decks and a waterfall boardwalk as its waters plummet and flow into the Great Miami River.

Charleston Falls is located at 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City, Ohio 45371.

Charleston Falls, Ohio

Charleston Falls, Ohio

The above four waterfalls are located in Miami County

Two other waterfalls to complete your southwest Ohio waterfall road trip are Clifton Gorge and Fallsville Falls. Clifton Gorge is in the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve (Greene County), visitors can search for several sets of rapids along the Little Miami River that carves its way through the 40-foot deep limestone gorge and view the 25-foot Amphitheatre Falls. Located east of the nature preserve, Historic Clifton Mill is a “must-stop” for some pancakes, to see a mill demonstration or marvel at the man-made waterfall. Fallsville Falls is located in the Fallsville Falls Wildlife Area in rural Clinton County. An approximate ½-mile walk from the trailhead which is located on Careytown Road about two miles south of Careytown will lead you to the 15-foot waterfall.

Happy waterfall hunting! 


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