Lakeside Ambiance at the Buckeye Lake Winery
By Abbey Roy

Lakeside Ambiance at the Buckeye Lake Winery

It was that time at the end of winter when my girlfriends and I were tired of our own living rooms, bored with daily routines and burnt out from being germophobes. Time, in other words, to schedule a girls’ night out!

Fortunately for us, a 20-minute trip down the road would take us to a lakeside getaway.

We dubbed our Friday evening at Buckeye Lake Winery “Girlfriend Getaway” a month in advance and created an event on Facebook to get ourselves pumped up; I updated it with pictures from the winery’s mouthwatering menu to make it even more tantalizing (as if it needed to be).

By the time our night came, we were more than ready. We joked and chatted like 16-year-olds on the car trip down (ignoring the empty carseat in the back); when we were seated in a cozy nook nestled between a stone fireplace and wall of wine bottles, we felt like royalty.

Established in 2013, the Buckeye Lake Winery prides itself on its hands-on approach to wine. While many Ohio wineries specialize in fruity wines because growing conditions here are conducive to it, the folks at Buckeye Lake Winery work with a California vineyard to produce “Big Reds” — the Lake View Red, for example — that meet their high standards. Other wines, like the Sweet Lake View, are from grapes grown in the Buckeye State.

As the Buckeye Lake area continues to rebuild itself, the lakeside ambiance at Buckeye Lake Winery is as noticeable as ever. We arrived just in time to catch the sun setting on the western shore from the patio that overlooks the peaceful water. We enjoyed friendly service, wines to suit everyone’s taste — from dry reds to sweet whites — and delicious food (Note to first-timers: Don’t write off the fried green beans). More importantly, we enjoyed each other. For a few hours, we weren’t overtired moms or stressed-out employees. We were just girlfriends in a nice place, eating great food, sipping great wine and having a great time.

…And it was marvelous.


I can’t wait to check out even more Ohio Wineries


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