Live-Fire Cooking Comes to Columbus
By Nick Dekker

Live-Fire Cooking Comes to Columbus

This new restaurant is serving up a unique approach to cooking.

SeeSaw in Columbus

A new restaurant makes its debut in Columbus. This restaurant, SeeSaw, inhabits a two-story building, with dining on the main floor and a bar/entertainment venue on the second.

The kitchen at SeeSaw revolves around cooking over a wood fire – everything from pita bread to cauliflower to steaks to Ohio grass-fed burgers. This means most dishes have that delightful smoky char, like grilling out on a summer day.

We visited this fall and were graciously hosted by Executive Chef Nate Hall. Chef Hall keeps the home fires burning – literally – at SeeSaw.

The restaurant’s menu spans snacks and shareables to salads, entrees, and desserts. There’s an emphasis on sharing, too – from the crispy Brussels sprouts to the pomme frites to the blistered padrone peppers to the chicharones (aka pork rinds!) to the chicken wings that fall right off the bone.

A few of signature tastes are also on the menu, like the edible candle. Crafted from melted beef tallow, the candle arrives at the table lit, and is served with warm pita bread with fresh hummus and burrata.

Like the edible candle, other dishes are meant to be an interactive experience. For instance, on our visit we tasted a special scallop crudo, with thinly sliced, tender scallops served in a rich and creamy coconut milk. To cut the creaminess and cleanse the palate, a pair of tequila shots were served with the dish.

The entrees showcase the wood-fired methods, like the grass-fed burger (cut square in that classic Ohio style) and the brick chicken. The boneless chicken is brined then fried to a perfectly thick crust.

Dinner at the downstairs dining room is rounded out with a full wine list, cocktails, and Ohio craft beers. And Chef Hall wouldn’t let us go without showing off a few of their desserts! The milk and cookies makes a delightfully warm finish: chewy bourbon pecan chip cookies paired with a cup of foamy horchata. Or the birthday cake with dense layers of frosting, rolled in sprinkles and served with a lit sparkler.

And that’s the street level dining room. The upstairs of SeeSaw offers a totally different vibe, a fun and energetic hangout with cocktails, dancing, and live music. If that’s your style, it would make an ideal pairing for the night: dinner downstairs and dancing up!

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Disclaimer: dinner at SeeSaw was provided for the writer.

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